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Every household and business has trash. In most cities and towns around the country there is trash service available for households and businesses. If a household or business does not have trash service pick up it can attract mice, cockroaches, and other unwanted pests and animals. Besides unwanted pests and animals, trash build up can make people and customers stay away from your property. Cities can give property owners fines for an over flow or build up of trash. 


In order to stay away from unwanted pests, animals, and fines, the person or business will need to have trash service to pick up their trash on a weekly basis. Some cities only have one trash service a person or business can use within that city’s boundaries. There are cities which do have more than one trash service available. If there is more than one to choose from, the person or business will need to call each trash service to see which one would work best for their needs. 


Once a trash service is in place it will pick up a households trash generally once a week. A business will usually have their trash picked up a few times a week depending on what type of business it is. Restaurants usually have more trash than other types of businesses, which means that their trash service will pick up the trash up three to four times a week. When a business sets up their trash service they will decide what type of container they want to rent. 

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There are several different sizes of dumpsters or containers to choose from. There are some containers which have a compactor at the back end of it. The compactor on those containers make it possible to fit more trash in the container. Being able to fit more trash in the container could mean the business would not have to have it picked up as often as the other types of containers. Trash service is important to households and businesses. It is an added bill but it is a necessity in order to get trash picked up and removed from the property. Before picking a trash service, if there is more than one to choose from, the household or business should know which one would be the best for them. Sometimes the household or business does not have a choice in which trash service they can use, but they would still have the choice of what size container to use and how many containers they will need. Each household and business have different needs and wants when it comes to their trash.


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