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Home Maintenance Projects

Owning a home is a luxury that not everyone has! Although it is a luxury, it does come with a lot of responsibility and a LOT of work! Home Maintenance Projects are at the top of the list of priorities when you do own your own home. Failing to keep up on these Home Maintenance Projects can lead to your home losing a lot of value, as well as a lot of money! Although buying an older home may save you money up front, it can cost you a ton of money down the road when you need to start on the Home Maintenance Projects.


Before you purchase a home it is a good idea to spend a couple of dollars and get the home fully inspected by a professional. Buying someone else’s problems can be a night mare, and a money pit! Although many banks will require a full home inspection prior to giving you a home mortgage, some of them leave that decision up to you, the home buyer. You will want to make an effort to be there when the home inspector is inspecting the home. Have a list of questions with you when you meet him there, and leave room on your sheet for notes.


If you get a list of things that need to be fixed, make sure that the seller is willing to help with the costs of the repairs. If you are buying “as is” make sure that you get prices on the repairs, and have something in the agreement with the seller that you are buying contingent on certain criteria. For example, if you find the home needs a new roof put on, have it in the agreement that if the expense of that project exceeds a certain dollar amount that you will only continue with the purchase if the cost is less than say $1000.

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If it is more than that, the seller needs to have the problem fixed before you will follow through with the purchase. Also, make sure the electrical is up to code and in good working order!

Home Maintenance Projects are to be expected as a home owner. As a homeowner you should have a regular Home Maintenance Projects schedule just as you have a vehicle maintenance schedule. Some examples of what need to be on that list are things as simple as having your furnace cleaned and inspected yearly. Furnace filters should be replaced monthly in the winter season, and for those using air conditioning, monthly in the summer months as well. Other Home Maintenance Projects include checking your doors and windows for air leaks, checking your plumbing for leaks, keeping an eye on your foundation for cracks or leaks, and of course watching for invasive insects such as termites. The list goes on and on, but making a Home Maintenance Projects schedule and sticking to it will save you time and money, as well as help your home hold its value!

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