Dogs Make the Best Pets

As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. This is because when someone owns a dog, the dog has a lot of love and respect for that owner. A dog will bond with the person that feeds them, walks them and shows them love and affection.

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Animals have an instinct for knowing when a person cares for them, and also knows when a person has bad karma or is a mean, unloving person. A dog will protect their owner from any harm or threats that they feel. Although some dogs are mean by nature that is usually caused by the owner training them to be that way. Many breeds of dogs such as pit bulls get a bad rap because the people that get them have bad intentions in mind for owning them. 

This can be the fact that they use them for dog fighting, or to protect their homes if say they are selling drugs or firearms. They teach these dogs to attack people that try to come on their property. So this is a taught behavior, not necessarily a behavior they are born with. And even though these dogs are trained to be mean, they still have a loyalty to the person that houses and feeds them. However, some of these mean dogs have been known to turn on their owners if the owners are abusive to them. 

It is the instinct of survival that they are born with. Dog’s come in many different sizes and breeds. There are big dogs and small dogs. If you are planning on getting a dog, there are many things to take into consideration. The first thing is your home situation. If you have a big yard or some property for a dog to run, you have the ability to have a big dog. Big dogs need room to run and burn off their energy. 

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On the other hand if you live in an apartment and your dog requires being taken out for walks a few times a day, you are better off with a small to medium size dog. Even though these dogs also require regular exercise, they do not require as much as the big dogs do. Also take a person’s personality into consideration when choosing a dog. Most big dogs are better tempered than small dogs. Smaller dogs tend to be more high strung (hyper) and therefore do better with quieter people such as the elderly. Small dogs are not generally as good around kids or cats. Whatever your choice of dog, more than likely they will become your life long best friend!

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