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If you are planning to purchase a dog as a family pet, you will want to do your research. Different dogs have differenet temperments, and some dogs do not make good family pets. Once you have made a decision as to what kind of a dog you are interested in, you may want to do your research on dog breeders in your area!

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The first creature that comes to our mind when we start thinking of pets is dogs. And rightly so as our long association with dogs from time immemorial dogs have been human’s best friend. Human association with animals and particularly dogs predates prehistory. Whether it is helping prehistoric men in hunting or just the act of being a good companion, dogs have been outstanding and a front runner amongst all the creatures. The dogs we talk about today are a conscious scientific endeavor of dog breeders to improve the breeds. Our needs and association with dogs are for various reasons and to suit a particular need we need breeds that fulfill that role. 


Good dog breeders need to base their profession on complete knowledge of genetics and keep in his mind the purpose of dog breeding. Dog breeders specifically need to have complete knowledge of the health and characteristics of the breeds he is using for the purpose. Dog breeders breed for specific roles as hunters, companions, load pullers as in the case of Eskimos or enrolled in helping the police and defense forces in maintaining law and order or helping them in a scenario of disaster. As in the case of any profession we are bound to have good dog breeders true to their profession and customer and the scrupulous dog breeders trying to make some fast bucks by using unethical means and manipulating facts. 


All good dog breeders would not only master the art of pure bred puppy breeding but also be equipped with the knowledge of raising them to meet the very purpose of the breeding and make them suitable for the roles they are to play thereafter. Dog breeders should be willing to take back a dog at any point of time and also have the facilities to maintain it till the very end. Dog breeders usually don’t part with the puppies until they are at least eight weeks old giving them enough time to play with siblings thus teaching them to get along with other dogs and people.


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Then again good dog breeders will control the number of litters he breeds and also be focused on a particular breed or two. These two facts are looked into by prospective customers before they buy one. Good dog breeders would be more concerned on quality of their breeds than on the quantity. Good dog breeders will guarantee their breed and usually offer you a refund or replace the litter if any genetic defects are to be found. Once he parts ways with the litter would still keep in touch with the next owner to keep a tag on the health and well-being of the dog. So if you are planning to buy a puppy the first step would be to look for responsible dog breeders rather than the breed itself. Good dog breeders who really love the creature will look beyond making it a profession to make money.

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