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Many, but not all of your business reviews will come from local customers. If you are a new business owner, how you get the word out that you're "open for business" for consumers is even more critical. Potential customers need to know you exist before you can win them over. That said, there are many ideas on how to post your business information. Yellow pages have long been the usual standard, but that was before the Internet came into being. The bottom line is that people can’t give you any business reviews if they don't know where you're located.

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A Reputable Online Presence is Crucial for a Local Business!

When promoting your local business, a landing page with photos, your business hours, links to your website and other customer business reviews and testimonials works well. Yet if your new or existing business is of a strong competitive nature and you're a "little dot" on the map, consumers probably won't notice you. So common sense suggests you should attempt to turn that around and become a "big dot."

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In these days of electronic gadgets flooding the marketplace it's a fact that 80 percent of any business reviews will come via those gadgets and the Internet. You will be judged by your business reviews search results! It's a common complaint that customers post positive business reviews of your business, but it suddenly disappears.

Many websites have filters designed to prevent fake or untrustworthy business reviews from appearing, but sometimes they block the wrong reviews. This brings up a point that a business review can often be a “double-edge” sword. We’re talking about complaints here, and it's more common than you think.

Agencies like The Better Business Bureau (BBB) were created to help both consumers and businesses. However, unacceptable reviews on all types of business are never held accountable. The BBB will accept complaints regardless of whether the business is a member or not.

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Business reviews are important for the following reasons:

* Business reviews will increase your sales exponentially. 

* They will allow you to better understand your business, ergo, better serve consumers.

* Business reviews will improve your online presence and ranking on all the major "search engines."

They will will provide  higher "key word" content.

* Business reviews will allow consumers to have a voice in consumer loyalty.

* They will create longer consumer engagement.

* Business reviews will do some of the work for you in terms of getting the word out.

* A good Business Review will drive more business to your company.

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